Just checking in.. How is life?
Wow, it’s April! I’d say that I was enjoying the weather and such, but it’s been cold. We have warm days here and there but be sure to bring your jacket. I’m looking forward to warmer weather.

How is the RV lyyyfffeee?
It’s going! The newness has worn off which is a good thing. One of the more valuable lessons I’ve confirmed is that you really can’t prepare for the unknown. Thankfully a majority of the planning that went into the change went well! Space and storage is always a concern. I’ve gotten rid of so much, and I still feel as if there are things that don’t have utility or bring me joy. Pairing down clothing is one of the more significant challenges. You really have to stay on top of chores or your place will become hectic in short order.
I’ve mounted the Xbox to the back of the swiveling TV stand, added an outdoor motion activated solar light, hid the Apple TV and I have some electrical upgrades to stuff the NAS, Router into the bathroom closet storage, out of the way.

Finalizing moving out of the old place before I run out of time is a challenge. There are so many bad memories there, bad juju if you will. I really don’t need anything that is left in there, which further demotivates me. I have decided to keep the furniture, for now, it’s all pretty much new.

I might travel to Dallas in May for a bit, alone. Thankfully I’ll be there before the thick summer heat takes hold. Managing anxiety will be challenging, but manageable. I believe that the key is to stay excited about it. I made the trip on the way to California, twice, when I was a youngster.

I’ve been less energetic. After hitting 26 days of doubling my daily move calorie consumption, I pretty much willfully succumbed to inactivity. It’s time to ramp back up again!

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