Dear Bus,

You provided me with a critical distraction during a hard part of my life. You enabled me to begin dreaming and setting my own goals. You introduced me to a life of travel and minimalism.

Bus, you helped me find myself and begin living for my own goals and dreams. You pulled my RV when I needed you to, even if you struggled with it. When I first met you, you were unhealthy and burning oil. I poured my love into you, you sprang back to life, excited for the adventure.

I sometimes think of the history your steel chassis holds. The untold stories of your life as a bus, hauling around the disabled. How you shook at highway speeds until I put new tires on you.

Bus, I love you. Thank you for being there, the laughs and the heartache.

But now it’s time for a new adventure. May your chassis hold the dreams and aspirations of changing someone else’s life, to enable them to realize their dreams. Or at least, help someone discover just a little bit more of themselves.

Goodbye, Bus.

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