Today’s Musical Selection

As I gear up for our backpacking adventure in the state forest of Brown Co, I’m rediscovering the tactical minimalist roots of my young adult years. I once owned seven identical sets of clothing and wore them daily as my personal uniform. These sets of clothing lasted me three years and were in still usable condition when I donated them to pursue a more “stylish” wardrobe.

Speaking to the spotlight effect, no one generally noticed or cared that I wore the “same clothing” every day. I wish I would have remembered this before setting off to Macy’s and maxing out a credit card or two last year.

I started the day by maintaining my footwear. They all needed a good clean and polish, an exception to the new trail runners I picked up the other week. This led me to print out REI’s Camping Checklist and digging gear out of storage to see what I had.

Of the most useful tools, one can carry a lighter, knife, multitool, and flashlight. Wear it on your belt, carry it on your bag, keep it in your car. Always have it accessible and you’d be surprised at how much you can get done with these essentials.

You can take it a step further and carry a small first aid kit, certainly carry one in your car. I choose to carry a firearm and never carry without a FAK, adhering to the “Do No Harm, Do Know Harm” principle. If you do choose to carry, keep up to date on your skillsets and maintenance. Gun ownership is a responsibility, not a right.

Not pictured is my new hatchet, saw, camp stove and other stuff. I’m waiting for more kit to get here and I’ll crank out another post once I get it all sorted. I’m also going to need a sorting of my winter camping wardrobe. Keeping dry and warm is paramount to a good backpacking experience and I’m due for some new long underwear.

Lastly, and unrelated; but if you shower with a partner, check out a dual nozzle head with a handle. We can both shower at the same time now (which feels very strange, considering we’re used to taking turns), and going solo leads to more of a rainfall like wide coverage pattern. Luxury at $30.


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