As of today, I won’t be working for the remainder of the month. It’s come time to burn through my vacation time, and what a better way to kick off my birthday with some self-directed shenanigans?

I have some backlog of projects to work through, I’d like to get some biking and hiking in before it becomes too cold outside. Staying active is paramount to staying sane.

I don’t really have any grandiose vacation things planned for the remainder of the year. There’s talk of taking Lola up to Chicago for her Birthday as she’s always wanted to travel. We have our Brown Co. trip planned for my birthday weekend. I may end up driving Uber or picking up some Bird scooters to repair if I run out of things to do.

It’s colder now, and the realization of the task that is upon us is chilling. It spit snow a bit today, yet I found Amanda hearty and willing to get our mile walk in. I’ll be packing some extra base layers for her, as jeans won’t cut it.

I sorted my core layers with a fleece, down jacket, and it’s damn warm. I still lack some things such a soft shell top, and bottom, layered glove system, and inner socks. I’d also like to get a neck gator.

Actually, I just found this one on REI:

Tempest Neck Gaiter

I couldn’t think of too many other people that would so freely agree to go backpacking for the first time in late fall weather (and be excited about it). Cumulative feelings of every time she helps pack the RV when we are traveling, or her willingness to try driving the rig; how she took me with her to Portland to stay in a small trailer for a week. The more I consider these things, the more appreciative I am of Amanda.

I wouldn’t have had a clue that I’d become a person that could do more than struggle to make it down the block to go to the store or be able to drive alone an hour each week to spend time with my daughter; yet, here I am flying across the country, hiking trails, and traveling anywhere that I want to go.

Once you start and commit to doing difficult things, the goals you can accomplish expands. Embrace the suck, embark on adventures that challenge you, and be relentless.

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