Good morning, birthday boy.
Good morning to your focus face
And ability to shrug all of expectations
And sink fully into being you.
It is refreshing to watch you fling
Yourself into whatever feeling overtakes you.
You are the canary yellow in the grey,
Refusing to blend in even if you can.
You are a sharp edge to a world
That is afraid to admit they exist.
I love your unapologetic heartstrings
To do what you must do.
That carry you into the woods to document
To prove, I am here.   I am here,
And I am with you, tugging along with me
A reluctance to throw caution to the wind
On a rainy day seeing the ocean.  You are fierce
And so so soft, like a wave crashing ruthlessly
Against rocks and sand that makes them ever softer
After being touched by you.
I am like them, too.  Becoming softer and softer
Knowing you.  Softer more with each conflict
Resolution discussion we have that only ends
In lovers in love and nothing else.
Thank you for being this person you are.
For wanting blue skies but not being afraid
When they are grey.  For embracing my temper
Tantrums and holding me through them.
You are a masterpiece that is constantly shifting
And adjusting your layers to portray
Magnificently all that is you.
Down to beard hairs and wrinkled
Sweater sleeves because you just don’t have time
To spend a moment pretending to be anything
But exactly what you are:  disheveled and intensely
Hunting down your heart, your drive, your brain waves
That go sporadically every which way.
Happy birthday, ever-present love.  You are a multitude
Of so many things and I love each and every one.

– Amanda

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