A quiet birthday weekend nestled in a cabin, deep in the woods has forever changed my life. On Nov 16th, 2018, with Amanda laying in my lap, my hands running through her hair, with the gentle crackling of the fireplace punctuating the ambiance, I proposed for us to become one to each other forever.

Amanda is a deep feeler, she loves the sound of voices. Her favorite movie is Now and Then (which I have yet to see), and she could float in water for the remainder of time. She is the most vulnerable, passionate, emotional, and sensitive; yet level headed person that I’ve ever known.

We often talk and write of how love is hard work, how it’s a choice that two people must make every day. I often write of how we all are a little less sane or loving then we’d like to be, that love is growth. While these things are certainly true, Amanda and I represent never having a heated argument, and catching each other before we spiral. We represent the lack of beating around bushes, that just being easy and direct can just work.

We share truth and commitment, patience. Importantly, we share the space we each other need to pursue our own projects, hobbies, and friendships independently. We challenge each other to grow and hold each other accountable.

And somehow on top of all of this, she’s a warm and present figure to my daughter, Lola.

I couldn’t have asked for more of a partner.

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