Backpacking plans turned RV, RV turned into a cabin. My birthday weekend in Brown County became so much more than initially expected. We stayed in a beautiful 150-year-old Yoga Retreat nestled 15 minutes into the woods on 10 acres. Wildlife abounds, Nashville and Bloomington a stone throw away.

The welcoming committee, some 30-odd wild Turkeys

Brown County represents many complex emotions for me. The coming of fall, my birthday, a previous partner and the memories of such. I expected walking into past explored venues emotionally heavy but instead found a new perspective and point of view.

Each place I visited, I felt emotions of discovery, companionship, and curiosity. Nothing was quite like I remembered it.

I was once told that one of the greatest tools is to rewrite your narratives and to reclaim memories. Fall, my birthday, Brown County, so many things should have always been joyous, memories to look back on with warmth. Life doesn’t always cooperate and it’s up to us to overwrite those memories and force a new perspective in discovery; of ourselves, of the people around us. It’s up to us to forgive and let go, as memories are all we have.

Which to me, the perfect place to build something new is upon the ashes of what was. I won’t have any memories but of joy upon looking back, as connection, exploration, and love are all there is.


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