Pissant Trail vlog EP 1, Fitness, and some other stuff

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A few years ago I was going to start a YouTube Channel. I bought 4k Cameras, Lighting, Audio, Gimbals, all sorts of shit. I screwed around for a year producing content and never shared any of it because I didn’t like how I looked. Join me as I say screw it and take my iPhone on Pissant trail and mumble about stuff that no one will watch.

Jeebus Feck. I’m sore today. I hit 777% of my 30 minutes “Active Time” and walked ~8 miles yesterday. My FitBit said that I needed to consume 5,000 calories at least to manage my target 2.5lb weight loss. I couldn’t stuff my gullet enough to reach over 3,000 calories.

Today will be a zero day.

Hung out with Kiddo, found a pack that actually fits me, cleaned up a bit around home, recorded a vlog, and looped around my half mile circle a few times.

Nothing else much to say that hasn’t been covered in the vlog.

Christmas christmas CHRISTMAS

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