I got 8 miles in yesterday and maxed out my “Active Time” by 777%.

Most of this was unintentional. I did a few loops yesterday, but the majority came from time spent walking while Lola and I were out. I began my hike around noon, and didn’t get home until 9pm.

My target calories, including the deficit for 2.5lb/week loss, was 4,346 calories! I couldn’t eat fast enough to fuel my body, and I woke up dehydrated this morning.

I had some yummy granola cereal with almond milk for breakfast. I’m munching on a Banana and Toast for lunch to ease my stomach into compliance. I’m downing water as much as I can tolerate.

Counting calories can be a trigger for some due to diet culture. However, my choice to adhere to it revolves around ensuring that I’m eating enough and properly fueling my body. If I’m being fitness conscious and go out for a hike, it’s all too easy for me to skimp out on a hearty lunch or dinner as I’m being “healthy”, while I end up burning lean muscle and getting myself into trouble.

This data also gives me some very useful advise on how much food I should carry per day on the trail. When you are burning energy like I did yesterday, it’s going to seem like you are eating constantly. How many people do you know who first get into “dieting”, only to eat a measly 300 calorie lunch, when the exercise they are doing dictates a 1,000 cal lunch to be safe, and sane?

Double up on that protein, fat, and cheese; your body needs it ❤

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