Lola’s birthday is being celebrated this weekend. Kiddo is turning the big 10 years old. Presents, cake, watched the new Grinch in theaters, then kicking it at a hotel as “she’s never stayed in a hotel” and really wants to.

My body has finally recovered from that overexertion day. However, I’m finding myself overeating for my activity level. I’m going to mix the Soylent and log my consumption today, get some exercise in at the hotel’s pool.

There’s matches. Then there’s MATCHES

I find myself wanting to comment about the Tumblr adult content ban at length, but really don’t have a real-world reason to. I don’t use the platform, nor does anyone I know. I’ll summarize and say that I think it’s a great policy to ban adult content as the network’s median user age is the 10-24 year old crowd. Adult content really needs to be kept on adult sites, not where our children and teenagers roam.

Tumblr in a nutshell

I am fascinated in the technical side of the ban, machine learning to filter content. Google released an API this year to flag underage content. I’m thinking what happened is Apple’s ban of the Tumblr app caused Verizon to perform an audit with these new APIs and wasn’t happy with what they found.

Something had to be done to prevent the PR fallout like Musically experienced (now renamed TikTok due to the PR shitstorm), and thus it was easier to ban all adult content from the network. The filters may not be completely accurate, but the wonderful thing about machine learning is that the neural network will become better with use.

Long story short, AI was just gifted a ton of new training material, and will become even better at banning adult content in places that we’d rather not have it 🎉

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