Indiana. Red state. More than 75% of our energy generation comes from Coal. Woman Rights hating Mike Pence was our Governor, now Vice President.

22 Backpacking trails, mostly flat terrain and corn until you reach southern Indiana.

My closest trail is the “Al White Memorial Trail” which is permanently closed to the public (Owned by IU University).

From there, Yellowwood State Forest is the next contender. I don’t have high expectations though, as when we were in Brown County, there were plenty of signs pleading the governor to save Yellowwood Forest.

Our best bet so far is Shades State Park, a 5.1 mile in and out located SouthWest of Crawfordsville.

Our home of Zionsville has two day hiking trails. Starkey Park was gorgeous in the Summertime.

Sugar Creek

If there’s anything that I miss most about Oregon, it was the breathtaking nature and trails.

(Click for large versions)

Witch’s castle in a ravine
The Ocean
Even Portland’s parks are amazing!
The Bay (yes, that’s a submarine. I’ve been inside it)

Speaking of Portland, I need to dust off those posts and get them live again. Oregon was transformational for me. The chilly, salty ocean with the jagged terrain, mountains and trails. A city that is more liberal than an English Department party at Purdue University. Twisty roads cut through mountains, tunnels.

My heart is in the Pacific Northwest.

This is where I want to be. Chilly days, clam chowder, salt in the wind.

I want to visit Maine, New Hampshire. Ha! And there’s a Portland, Maine on the east coast?

Somewhere in Maine

Our Honeymoon has been planned to jump in the car and start driving. Amanda mentions the Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe. I’ve never been East, but South Carolina, one of the nastiest (polluted) beaches in the US. It may be time.

You miss out on so much of your life if you never go outside. Technology, Social Media, VR, Video Games and before that; people who work at a Factory and come home to sleep in front of a TV. Trust me, I know. I spent 20 years inside.

Travel, sleep in a car if you have to. Get out there ❤

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