Sleeping Bags! Our first night sleeping outside!

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What an adventure today!

I made it over to REI and exchanged the Nemo Tango Duo quilt for a Nemo Disco 15 & Nemo Rave 15, the sleeping bags that I wanted all along. I bought the quilt from REI at a steep discount, plus an additional 25% off for Cyber me Monday. REI is insane, they applied the discount to the full retail bags! I was not expecting that, it made my day!

I found the spoon shaped bag a little claustrophobic at first; a bag that is marketed as being roomy, for side sleepers. My arms can just lay at my sides without overstretching the bag. There’s ample room for my legs to spread out and spiral all over the place, flip around, lay on my stomach. I almost want to go for the long to gain an additional two inches in the shoulders, but I really don’t want to waste that thermal performance and weight.

The bags zip together and become very roomy, but I don’t think that we’ll end up doing this most nights. It makes me feel like we have been put into a time out shirt and Amanda has no hesitation to invade my footbox.

Snuggled in our tent

What went well:

  • Amanda and I went to sleep rather quickly
  • We were warm
  • There’s more room in the Ultralight 2P tent than expected (once we got settled)
  • It rained, we were dry
  • Sleeping bags were less claustrophobic than expected
  • The foam pad + inflatable, insulated pads were comfy and warm

What didn’t go well:

  • Sleeping pads slid and we ended up with a 5″ gap between us, leaving us sleeping against the tent walls

Additional observations:

  • The cooler weather and high humidity, plus rain, led to my lungs feeling a little heavy
Nemo Hornet 2P Footprint

It’s a small ultralight backpacking tent, there’s no way around that. One must be careful with zippers, two have to take turns moving around while getting settled or you’ll bump in to each other. Backpacking is technical, it felt nothing like dad throwing up the massive Coleman at the lake when I was a kid.

The soundscape of our backyard put us to sleep quickly, but would take some time getting used to for a full night’s rest. There’s this undercurrent of awareness that doesn’t quite go away. For Amanda and I, it was our first time sleeping in a tent since she was nine years old, about 13 for me.

So, how was the experience?

It was easier in some ways, and harder in others than we expected. We’ve been planning and looking forward to our first night for two months now. I’m happy it was at home and we were able to come back in at 4am. We really need a slipcover to keep the pads together and from sliding around. It’ll take experience getting used to the outside to sleep well in it.

Still, I’m sitting here half asleep in my climate controlled home, memory foam queen size bed and I can say one thing, I want to do it again! I’m astounded to have a partner with the grit to camp outside in the rain and cold, and heck, I’m astounded that I’d ever be excited by sleeping outside.

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