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I’m feeling like writing, but have nothing to write about. It’s 1am on a Friday night and I should have went to bed.

Today, I worked. We went grocery shopping. We celebrated St. Nick’s day (exchanged stockings). It was a good day, if not a challenging day at work.

I could talk about work? No. I don’t talk about work. I push buttons and make pixels change on screens.

I ate lunch out at a local brewery. They had a fantastic veggie burger, if not a bit spicy.

Amanda finished her Christmas shopping.

I invented a new car game. It goes something like, “How do you know that you’ve made it?”, or “How do you know that you have white privilege?”, or “How do you know if you live in Chicago?” Each person takes turns proposing descriptors.

Amanda made the best Vegan turkey and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Intimacy, as always, was amazing.

We talked like we always do before turning into bed. Tonight was, “What are some of your favorite memories from our relationship?”, and “What was the worst fight you think that we’ve had so far?”

As for the latter, it was due to my reuse of a day old skillet to grill toasted cheeses, which wasn’t that big of a deal anyway, OR WAS IT?!

On our second date we drank wine and spoke of issue resolution tactics, how we handle conflict for a solid two hours. Nine months later and we’ve yet to not sit down and calmly share how we feel.

Which is unexpected, considering we both have wildly strong personalities, and have our own ways of doing things.

So, I suppose, today was a good day. A comfortable day. Not an adventurous sleep outside in the tent while it’s raining and cold, or rethinking what life is and how it relates to if I should carry both a fire steel and matches in my backpacking first aid kit type of day. But a normal, fulfilling, tiring by the end of it type of day.

And I think that’s still okay to blog about and feel accomplished over.

Lean into the stillness. Christmas is in 10 days.

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