Four pets, thee cats; one dog. Some evening cuddling led to a full-scale fur invasion.

Boootlecap is the connoisseur of shitty looks 😆

So, what’s up, buttercup?

I was going to head to the family farm last Friday, but managed to spend two hours getting the RV unstuck from the mud. An evening parade for fuel and tacos was all I could muster.

Amanda and I exchanged stockings for St. Nick’s day. I was gifted The Oregon Trail, one of the first games I’ve ever played in my lifetime.

The gift is fitting. In Amanda’s favorite bookstore in Portland, there was an Oregon Trail display above the Oregon centric books.

I love it.

Speaking of Portland, I miss it.

It’s crazy to think that we’ll be celebrating our first round of Christmas tomorrow. We’ll be traveling to my future in-laws, a less than a week remains until we host Christmas in our home. My family will be celebrating with us.

Although we’ve made a pact not to speak of wedding planning until after the holidays, the topic has crept up from time to time. My favorite idea of all so far is to just say fuck it, head to the peak of a mountain with photographer in tow.

We will likely end up with a social gathering, ideally in the woods with our Honeymoon plans to jump in the RV and go on a cross-country adventure.

Whatever we do, we’ll do it together and that’s all that matters.

I’m really looking forward to the holidays, yet I’ll be sighing a breath of relief once it’s over. I don’t know if I can take another round of Lola whining about wanting to open “just one” present early, or the obsessive stacking and counting of presents. “ARE THERE ANY MORE?!”

Alas, she’s 10 and we do find ourselves in a highly consumerist culture. Fingers crossed that my redirection into thinking about what she’ll be doing for others, instead of her childhood egocentric worldview has some longterm impact.

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