Generator mods/installation transfer switch install Ep. 2

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My body hurts. Yesterday I got in 13,000 steps and there was mud everywhere. I also managed to slip and fall on concrete, which wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be (may be that I was already taking Tylenol).

I managed to FCAW weld the muffler extension and wire the transfer switch.

Not the best, but it’s structurally sound
10 Gauge solid core wire is a PITA to work with

The generator is in the RV now and works. I almost started a fire yesterday though because I didn’t think of the amount of heat the generator would put off from the coils, ambient heat.

They say you need “approximately 65 CFM per kw“, so this exhaust fan will provide more than enough, while providing negative pressure to ensure no fumes make it in the living area of the RV.

I’ll also need a vent, so I’ll put one in situated by the generator intake fan. And of course, Carbon Mox Alarm!

For mufflers, I’m going to use a car muffler to further silence the generator. I also need to soundproof the room it is in.

Overall, it’s nice that I have the generator now, but there’s a ton more work to do for the solar install.

4/0 wire is as big as my thumb!

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