Forget mounting solar on RV roof, why not on top of truck? (800w install)

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So, I spent all this money and time on 800W of solar, 400Ah, 2500W 12V setup with a 3500w generator, right?

I was thinking while grocery shopping, why the heck would I put so much gear in my camper? It’s a 30′ Travel Trailer, I get 8MPG hauling the thing. I can’t exactly haul all of this shiz around whenever I need a powerstation. How could I maximize the usage of this gear?

And then it hit me. Throw the panels on the roof of my F250 Superdoody. Throw all the gear in a weatherproof truck box and just plug in the trailer when I need the mobile power generation station.

I actually have a supercab

The truck already gets like 15MPG since I have the 6.2L V8. What’s a few hundred pounds of gear going to hurt, especially considering I already carry around a few hundred pounds of sandbags for winter traction? It’d give me more flexibility in parking the truck wherever to maximize solar collection, with the HUGE bonus of being able to park the RV in the shade in the summer months as it gets hot as balls in there.

$119 roof racks

I throw this inexpensive roof rack in (that fits with my toolbox), use some aluminium tubing to build the panel mounts, and slap it on there with some 2″ U-bolts! Eventually I can get all crazy and hinge the front, and use some sort of adjustable tilt thingy (notches in a bar or something) to tilt the whole array.

This is sex. A box of power.

The part I haven’t figured out is if the panels will act like a giant wing and cause my truck to fly. It will be flat, so I don’t think so, but you never know. Wind should travel over and under the panels, with the added bonus of AIR COOLING in the hot summer sun, further increasing efficiency while driving.

We’ll see what happens.

120mm fan ducts I’m 3D Printing, along with a dryer vent exhaust weather shield thingy I designed.

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