Device mounting, control center, and a simpler inverter control

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I built this little control center.

I used the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principal and simply connected the “Power Save” switch terminals from the inverter to the NC relay of the Victron BMS. We’ll see if the Victron’s bluetooth range will reach the RV.

Not pictured, but I cut holes and mounted both of the 120mm 110CFM cooling fans in a pull/push config. I currently have them plugged into the inverter, but I’m going to be controlling them with an Arduino, relay and temperature sensor to only kick on when needed.

Sweet Arduino

The project is coming together!

I still have much work ahead of me, such as building the frames for the panels, mounting the rack on the truck, finishing up toolbox wiring. The worst is lifting the bastard batteries, they are 158lb EACH, and I’m pretty sure I pulled something last time I moved them.

It may be worth investing in a truck mounted crane.. Lithium will be the first upgrade in 5-10 years.

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