Panel framing, Victron Charge Controller, Arduino fan control, Gasoline leak!

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I’ve been busy! Far too busy to keep the blog up to date as I’d like.

I’ve begun framing the panels in preparation of mounting them to the truck. They are set up in a 2x config and will be bolted together into a 4×2 configuration for the truck. Mounting complications have been figured out (mounting 2″ tube to 1″ square, 90 degree rotated square stock). The bolts that will attach the 2x frames together into a 4×2 config will be used as u-bolt mounting points.

The truck rack is too short by width to the width of the panels. I’ll need to extend these tubes with my handy MIG welder.

I’ve returned the EPEVER 60A controller for a Victron 60A. I’m running the Victron 712 Smart BMS already and have added a temperature probe. Why not have matched equipment and monitor via the Victron phone app?

I awoken from a nap yesterday to a slight gasoline smell in my bedroom. The bastard non-vented “EPA Required” fuel cap on the Marine Fuel Tank became warmer due to the weather, the pressure overfilled the generator’s tank, and a few gallons of petrol spilled into the garage. This bastard cap has since been modified into a vented cap.

I’ll need to track down where the excess gasoline was dumped from (I’m thinking it was the brass, what seems to be an overflow tube, so far) and seal it. I don’t really care too much about gasoline expansion in the generator’s steel tank. The rubber hose will rupture first, not the tank in my application.

Image result for arduino relay dh11
Arduino DH11 controlled fan relay

I’ve been successful in switching a relay (with failsafe – Fan ON in case of sensor failure) on temperature. I’m going to set the upper limit to 100F as that is the max efficiency thermals recommended by the charge controller. Thankfully, the enclosure will be in the shade under the solar panels.

There’s a ton of little stuff, like how I 3D Printed plastic washers to keep the stainless bolts off the aluminum panel frames (to prevent corrosion), how I need to cover my terminals, a danger sticker I ordered, etc. But this covers the big stuff!

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