Greetings from Nashville!

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Nashville, Smashville, Tennessee. This marks our first out of state trip in the RV. As far as the driving experience, what have I learned?

Even though the truck and trailer have special design features to handle trailer sway, sway is still a factor at interstate speed with the wind. The rig doesn’t like speeds over 70MPH (my trailer tires are rated at 75MPH). I’ll be installing my anti-sway bar for the trip home (I wanted some experience without it).

Installing a rear stabilizer/traction bar on the truck like I did with the bus will lead to a more authoritative driving experience as the rear axle won’t be able to “float” on the truck’s leaf springs.

70Mph vibration remains on the truck even while fully loaded. I believe it’s the driveshaft angle, a worn center bearing, or U-Joint.

I prefer a break and to stretch every 1 1/2, 2 hours with the current setup. The rig isn’t a handful, but is more involved than a carefree passenger car.

And of course… Everyone fucking speeds EVERYWHERE. Expect to be passed by thousands of people even while driving 5-10MPH above the speed limit. Most annoyingly, semis suck you in a bit when they pass due to aerodynamics.

Lastly, we are staying in an urban campsite. Our lot is literally right on a public road next to a busy intersection. I trapped four cars while backing the rig into our space. It was a stressful experience but I’m grateful to have practiced backing the trailer many times before yesterday.

It’s 9am CDT on a Saturday morning. I believe I’m going to get the folding electric fat tire bike out and go for a cruise.

Lunchtime, somewhere in Kentucky on a random parking lot

I’m really looking forward to boondocking in the middle of nowhere this summer!

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