Plug me in. Our first electric family car.

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The time has come to trade in the Focus that no one could drive because it was a manual.

Goodbye, Focus

Focus was a great car for me. It afforded me to get out of my high-interest loan on my Smart car, got great gas mileage (38MPG) with its 1.0L 3cyl engine, 6-speed manual, it was infinitely more practical than my two-seater smart car.

With marriage, establishing a family, discussing children over the mid to long term, it doesn’t make sense to keep around a car that my Fiance can’t drive, or at the least, the hardest to teach manual on due to the extremely low momentum of the Focus’s 3cyl 1.0l engine.

I could, and have written an essay on the shitty service I’ve received from Ford across multiple dealerships, like how the car was sold with the wrong battery and it took them two years to figure it out as the start/stop system never functioned reliably, or just last month the cold weather check engine light since new was due to a cracked fuel line.

Plug me in

People scoff at Priuses and I don’t know why. They are inexpensive, extremely reliable, cheap to insure and maintain. Most can drive 500,000 miles before needing major service due to the engine never really operating under stress. Yes, they are a “slow car” as some would say, but considering it’s faster than my 1.0L Ford Focus, I’m actually enthused with the performance.

We ran several errands yesterday around town, to the doctor (we have the Flu apparently) and we didn’t burn a drop of fuel! Wake up, press the button to warm or cool the interior, head out, un-plug, cruise around on battery power, come home, plug it into the house, pay $0.88 to refill the battery and repeat.

120 real MPG

The car has a 4 cal gasoline engine, it costs $20 to fill up. We can drive 650 miles between the battery being charged and a full gas tank. It’s comfortable, it’s safe. The government gave us a $4,500 rebate towards the car since it’s a high-efficiency car, making an inexpensive car downright cheap.

I can add lane keeping, level 2 Autonomy like a Tesla, DIY inexpensively later on. Imagine engaging cruise control on a long trip and the car drives itself! Just about every modern Toyota, Honda, and some others can have this added, we are firmly living in the future.

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