I’m building an OpenPilot system for Level 2 Autonomy. MY CAR WILL DRIVE ITSELF! YES! OpenPilot is a project by the comma.ai team which I became excited about back in 2016. George Hotz, the first to jailbreak an iPhone (at 17) founded comma after being screwed around by Elon Musk when it came to a self-driving software contract.

I think the coolest thing about the project is that the deep learning models are trained on real human drivers. Not lane markers, not LIDAR or “Rules of the road”. More like an AI who has been fed millions of human driver miles. They are bringing out crowdsourced HD Maps to the platform soon, so it can do things like slow down for curves, speed bumps, etc.

What does all this mean? AI drives you but also watches you drive. If everyone slows down for speed bumps on 2nd Avenue, the AI model will learn to do so as well. Every time you need to disengage the system because it made a mistake, the AI gets smarter.

This means that since I live in rolling coal trucknutz, lifted truck; we actively protest windfarms Indiana, I’ll be one of the first people to train the AI model on our specific roads. Future drivers/cars using Comma.ai will have a little of my personality, one of defensive driving; everyone drives 90 on a 65 and will cut you off without a turn signal from the right lane while flipping you off, driving on some of the worst roads in the midwest.

What does this all boil down to? Some Python running on a vintage OnePlus 3t using machine learning to send commands to a vehicle over the CAN bus. The video and telemetry data is sent back to comma who feeds it into the model with High Precision GPS helps to build high precision HD maps. Soon, we’ll be mapping street signs, stoplights and stop signs. It’s open source and a genius model to train self-driving AI.

If you want self driving, check to see if your car is compatible. You can buy a plug-in solution for under $1000 and DIY one for less than $400 https://github.com/commaai/openpilot#supported-cars

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