Now, time for the fun stuff

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You know all of that backpacking stuff we built out over the winter? Yeah, it’s finally time to start using it. We have our first camping tripped planned for this weekend. It should be pretty sweet.

I know, I know, SELF DRIVING CAR PROJECT. I wonder if Tesla owners ever shut up themselves about it. I really do think it’s the future. My contributions have not gone un-noticed, Comma has realized that the root cause of the Prius’s lateral control issues are due to noisy/laggy steering sensor data, most specifically, steering rate.

A fix is rumored to be in the works, a change to a INDI control and Kalman filtering of sensor data. Such a solution would be more than adequate from the papers I’ve read.

Never the less, the dev work on my custom fork has resulted in more than usable performance for my intended use cases. This will make three+ hour drives much more enjoyable. Eyes on the road, hand on the wheel, but gone is the fatigue accumulation of constantly providing driving input.

Like the long ass drives we will be doing to go backpacking/camping 😀 It really makes me want to fuck off to Florida sometime this summer just to re-visit the beaches I never got enough time in with. Fuel would be less than $57 per way thanks to the incredible fuel economy of the Prius. Find a campground to stay at and sleep on the beach in a tent.

Eventually the newness of driving autonomy will wear off and it’ll just become a granted when interfacing with my vehicle (and a hinderance when driving vehicles without enhanced lane keep assist).

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