Anxiety on Wheels


My Lunarly box arrived today, hooray! I received a pendulum, a pendulum mat, Joy essential oil spray, Red Jasper and a grounding Coffee and Cinnamon Candle! It also came with an intentions journal to help me set new intentions with each lunar cycle.

I’m excited with how our meditation room is turning out so far! Having a dedicated sacred space has been helpful so far to get in that mind space. I’ll be looking for tapestries soon ✨

I pulled a revered High Priestess for my spiritual intent up until the Blue Moon; my intent is to be still and to direct my attention inward to listen to my voice and wisdom. I’d do well to stay out of other people’s drama and to focus on myself right now.

My intuition is my superpower, have faith in the Universe and allow myself to be in flow; surrender and let go. Stop thinking and fretting, clear the way for my intuition to speak to me, the answer will follow.

This sounds much in line with my earlier comments about cleaning the window to allow light in!

There’s also a possible element of others may be talking behind my back and sharing mistruths. I don’t doubt this at all; bring it on, you have no idea of the full extent of my deficiencies.

Lastly, I went for a bike ride during golden hour, the leaves are turning and the weather was absolutely perfect. I’m riding a little further each time, I found a gravel trail that I’m enjoying exploring.

Much love 🌗💙

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