Anxiety on Wheels

CBD & Agoraphobia first time experiences (with data)

I tried some Blush brand 1000mg full spectrum CBD last night, paying special attention to not just fall into placebo effects. I went for a walk and replicated a few things that usually raise my anxiety with good results.

Before I dive into my sleep data, I’ll share getting started tips from feals’ website.

Ditto on the bedtime usage; I took my dose around 10pm, about “half a dropper full” because apparently, who the fuck knows what a “dropper” is (it was a smaller dose).

I felt like I was awake a whole lot during the night. Let’s compare this with another evening.

A factor to keep in mind is that I had Mexican food for dinner and my stomach was a little meh, this is also my first time using CBD and much more data would need to be collected from multiple people both with, and without Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia to make generalizations.

But, how did I FEEL on CBD?

I can’t quite put my finger on it. There wasn’t a noticeable high or immediate cognitive effect as you would expect smoking pot; but my body felt much more unwound. When I first went outside to walk I thought for a moment that I would be a little dizzy or disoriented. I felt something, I wouldn’t categorize it as negatively disoriented; more like, I became aware of the cool breeze on my face and the sounds of the night when I was walking.

It felt like calm and relaxed which felt so alien to me because it’s been such a long time since I’ve felt that way outside, it’s a specific feeling; the feeling I used to get when I lived alone and would go out to do night photography when I couldn’t sleep and wanted to unwind.

I walked further than I have been comfortable doing so by a bit and didn’t feel any anxiety at all. When I stopped at the Rail Road crossing to get some photos, some cars wizzed by, feet behind me, and it didn’t shake me up.

Ah, there we go

I’ll have to do some math, but now I can measure dosage and have some consistency. It seems as if some effects are cumulative, just like SSRIs.

What I am learning is that there are no silver bullets when it comes to Agoraphobia. No SSRI, no Benzo (Xanax and so on) can replicate the real work that needs to be done (forming new neural pathways) with exposure therapy. Fuck, therapists require patients to fully ween off and cease use of Benzes before doing any type of exposure therapy work as the anxiety, fear MUST be felt and worked through to retrain the sympathetic nervous system.

I’m learning specific exposure therapy guidelines and I’m forming a methodical way of application to maximize my results. I’ll blog soon about it.

Will I keep experimenting with CBD? YES! For sure. I didn’t have any negative side effects and it really seemed to help. If you are on the fence, just do it. Worst case, it won’t do anything at all and you’ll have to build up CBD in your system over time.

I’ve been personally super anxious about trying CBD (even though I’ve smoked pot in the past), as I am with any medication. There were no negative side effects for me at all.

I’m going to go put some in my morning (decaf) coffee!

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